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 TCM has been systematized and theorized in practice and has developed many methods to keep health during thousands of years. TCM has become the academic medicine instead of experiential medicine. TCM dated back to the period of The Huang Di. The NeiJing (The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine) that is the greatest and the oldest Chinese medical classic is milestone, which has established the theoretical foundation for the medical system and philosophical theory. With development of Chinese nation, the theory of TCM is also constantly improving. The Han dynasty lived Zhang Zhongjing, and others, the greatest physicians of China. The Tang dynasty lived Sun Simiao named Herbal King. There have come into being four branches of TCM for the Jin-Yuan dynasty, each one with his characteristic and thesis, which improved theory of TCM infinitely. The Ming dynasty lived Li Shizhen and Zhang Jingyue, who promoted TCM development. The Wen Bing school was founding gradually in the Qing dynasty. TCM has taken shape unique its own system and theory in practice, which develops his own way according to internal theories. Since the beginning of the 19th century, with western medicine entering and developing rapidly in China, TCM development was affected severely, which was between the devil and the deep sea. After the Opium Wars in China, which made Chinese to have falsity belief that TCM is unscientific, feudal. Therefore, TCM had always been in the position being investigated, examined, queried and reformed, and developed on thin ice. After the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, the Government affirms the policy to protect TCM. Then, it developed steadily. However, in the latest 20 years, the policy of the Party Central Committee and the gist of the Constitution haven’t been carried out conscientiously, TCM has been in a difficult position. Over the past thousands years, TCM has developed a set of both practical and advanced, universal and thorough, and systematic health care system, which is notably characterized by simplicity, 5 convenience, affordability, safety, efficacy and effectiveness. TCM is thriving and prosperous in future, and it could make “health for one” true!

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