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In United States and most of western countries, people may be more familiar to acupuncture, may treat acupuncture as Chinese medicine.

Actually, there are five main parts of therapeutic methods in Chinese medicine.

1. Chinese herbology, included in individulized herbal tea/decoction, patient or unpatent (concentrated or unconcentrated) herbal pills/tablets,capsule, even i.v. solutions, etc. , as well as outside using patch-plaster, onintements, etc.

Such therapies actually are main method in Chinese medicine, many specialties, such as internal medicine, gynocology,pediatrics, use those.

2. Acupuncture is the second useful method, it could be used to treat many diseases/disorders in many clinical specialties.

3. Chinese bodyworksTuina, or Chinese therapeutic massage, acupressure, chiropractic-like therapies(manipulate the spine), and bone setting. Also included in Cupping and Guasha, etc.

4. Dietary/ Food therapies, supplements.

5. Life style management, Mind-body interaction: Qigong, Taichi and therapeutic and routine exerceses, etc.

Because Chinese medicine focuses more on prevention than treatments after illness onset, it more focuses on Life style management,minde-body interaction and dietary managements.

Due to the influence of Taoism, which tries to use minimal effort to get maximal effect, Chinnese medicine focuses activating our own healing ability, instead of using too much of direct-anti-actions, such as anti-bacterials,anti-cancers, etc.


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