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Some friends called us, inquiring the acupuncture in helping their infertility.

I told them, from late 2007-mid 2014(7 years), we had more than 145 “acupuncture”babies i.e. our acupuncture helped about 20 infertility friends each year to get baby. After that, we did not continue the statistic work. I don’t have very accurate data to calculate how much the successful rate, because some friends forgot to give back their pregnancy information.

Here is a story:

Yesterday, a lady came back to see me due to the stomach stuffy and gas issue since her had second pregnancy about one and half year ago. When we reviewing her illness history, she was very excited and told me she is very happy with our treatments–three years ago she had ten sessions’ acupuncture  and got her first baby; after a year, she came and had five sessions’acupuncture, then got the second baby!

Actually, she is not the only one who got two babies after our treatments.


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Yesterday, a 44 years old lady came and hugged me very tightly for three minutes. And then told me she got pregnant naturally after my acupuncture treatment.

She said she should be my no.76 clients got pregnant–because she had seen there was a notes on the office board-75 pregnancy since 2007.

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This morning, a lady reported her pregnancy test strong positive–got pregnant. This is no.65 patient got pregnant, since 2007, by our acupuncture treatments.

She is 33 years old, married for 6 years, and tried seriously to get conceive for over one years. According to her, her husband is healthy and the sperm test was good. She also has a lot acne, so she hope we could adjust her hormones for both acne and fertility.

When she first saw me, she was in day 14 of her period cycle (she had  28-days-cycles before). I gave her acupuncture according to our protocol, and herb pills. after 8 sessions acupuncture, she felt her cervical mucus is slippery and very stretchable, better than before. after another two weeks, her period didn’t come. Then her pregnancy test became positive.


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