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Mr. D. N.,80 years old,  had a stroke in last November (year 2011), the stroke affected  function of his celebellum and stem.  The main problem is dizziness and hearing loss. He had ten acupuncture treatments and’several months physical therapies, did not feel significant improvement.

On August 21,2012, patient started to see me. When he came, he was very dizzy, even the position change, such as  lying down and/or sitting up, causing severe dizziness. He had to use a cane to help the balance, his daughter or son helps his walk too.  For his hearing loss, he said he could answer the phone only when the speaker is on; he could not hear the door-bell ringing and the touch-tone sound of the phone.

After our 4 acupuncture treatments, his dizziness decreased at least 50% and walking much better, faster and balance better,don’t need other to help him; and hearing better.

After 6 treatments, he could hear the door-bell ringing and touch-tone sound of the phone. Very happy and said at least 50% improving. Currently, he is still under extensive acupuncture treatments in our office.


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On November 21, 2011, Dr.Fan got a special call from a patient’s close friend, invited Dr.Fan to see a deep coma patient in INOVA Fairfax hospital neuroscience ICU ward. The visit was approved by that facility and its attending doctor.

The patient is a 67-years old gentleman who is a main minister of a local Indian Sikh temple. He got a hemorrhagic stroke in his brain stem area seven days ago when he did some home repairing.  The hematoma was large and he had an emergency surgery when he was sent to ER by an ambulance. When I saw him, he had no any reflection and no any reaction to strong stimulation. His respiration was irregular and had to use breath machine. He had fever, 102 degree F. He was under antibiotics and respiration stimulating medication.

Considering: Stroke, Bi Pattern(闭证).

I gave him An Gong Niu Huang pills(dissolve in warm water, once every 8 hours, i.g.), and did acupuncture for him.

Acupuncture points were: Ren Zhong, Yin Tang, Feng Chi, He Gu, Qu Chi, Ba Xie, Ba Feng, Zu San Li, Yong Quan. The stimulation was about one hour.

November 22, 2011: seemed have some effects. patient very occasionally move his leg slightly when I stimulated his Yong Quan points.

November 23, 2011: patient had more reaction to acupuncture, the frequency of moving his leg, fingers, head, slight more than one day ago.

November 24, 2011: condition was same as before. The tube from skull to test ICP removed.

November 25, 2011(5th treatment): patient was still in deep coma, responding to acupuncture stimulation more often, seem every 5-10 stimulation he could have a responding.  Stopping use antibiotics and respiration stimulating medication. The iv tube to central vein was removed and only used iv tube in arm vein.

November 26, 2011(6th treatment): patient was moved to Intermediate Unit from ICU. The condition was not good as yesterday. The doctor there discussed patient’s condition with his family members, suggested that this patient was still in very critical condition and his future was not so optimistic. Patient’s family members seemed considering give-up.

I did not give patient more treatments since then.

During six days I involved in his treatments, I feel Chinese medicine, included in An Gong Niu Huang Pills and acupuncture did show some effects, such as some responds to pain stimulation(relection recovered a little bit). However, this patient’s condition is too severe, he didn’t recover from the deep coma.

Although this invitation was by patient’s family and close friends, the facility and doctor in ICU did allow the doctor or practioner in Chinese medicine /acupuncture to see and treat patient. This is much open than a few years ago.

I remember, I saw a coma patient in Johns Hopkins Hospital two years ago, that facility did not allow patient to use Chinese herbal medicine, which needs special approval by hospital administration (the procedure would take half-year).

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I was in Nanjing, China before 2001. At that time I was the co-director of a stroke center, currently it already one of China national key stroke center focused on Chinese medicine.

The facility is called Cerebrovascular Diseases Center (Stroke Center) in No.3 Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine(also nanjing Municipal Hospital of Chinese Medicine).

In this center, the diagostic part is similar to that in western world, included in CT scaner, MRI scaner, DSA, TCD, etc.

The most atractive part is the treatments. There are sequantial treatments in this center and each therapy may be conducted in the same time or same day, different time.Using extensive acupuncture and Chinese herbology treatments.

1. Conventional therapy:

Includes in rescuing therapies: (1) the drugs or oprational procedure for dicreasing intrascull presure; (2) manage the blood presure; (3) treat or prevent the potential infection, especially for respiratory system and urinary system. (4) supporting therapy, etc.

2. Oxygen therapy:

When condition is permited, use hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

3. Chinese Medicine:

Includes acupuncture (basically scalp acupuncture and traditional body acupuncture), herbal tea, herbal extract solution iv. (even  injuction to artery),tuina, special movement and other function execises.

4. Physical therapy.

The special are:

(1) use acupuncture or herbal solution iv. in very early stage, i.e. immidiate after stroke;

(2) integrate many therapies in one day or same time.

(3) use evrything in early stage, fore example, physical therapy in day 1 too.

(4) hire very famous doctor in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Patient recovers much quicker than that in routine treatment center or ER.

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