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In recent years, I have had several patients with eye issues whom I have treated with acupuncture. Some cases resulted in some very impressive results.

One of my patients has glaucoma, in which pressure in both eyes was high. He was monitored under his eye doctor. After three months of acupuncture treatment, the patient’s pressure in back eyes was back to normal (15) from one side 19 and another side 21.

In another glaucoma patient, she had strong headache due to increasing left eye pressure. After acupuncture one time, her headache disappeared and the eye pressure went back to normal.

We have also treated two kids with Strabismus (Crossed Eyes),twice a week for three weeks; their sight is almost normal and the eye doctors said that there is no longer a need for them to wear special glasses to undergo eye surgery at this time.

From both my personal experience and that of others, I would conclude that acupuncture is indeed an effective and non-invasive treatment for a variety of eye ailments, including strabismus and glaucoma.


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