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Many people may know acupuncture is good for “stress management”–when we meet stress, such as from work, family or ourselves, acupuncture helps us calm down.

So, acupuncture does help something like PMS, menopause syndrome, mild depression, anxiety.

However, if acupuncture also help severe mental disorders, such as schizoid or called schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder? the answer is “Yes”.

In China, in the special hospital for mental health, doctors there have done many clinical trials in acupuncture, especially the scalp acupuncture with or without electricity stimulation. Most of them showed positive results. But in English literature, there are very few reports.

Recently we use acupuncture (with herbal tea) to treat above psychiatric conditions and have good results. However, if the patient has aggressive behavior, we suggest still use conventional treatments, limited by our office conditions.


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