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International media Reuters reported Dr.Arthur Yin Fan’s work in 1999 in its papers and website, here is the original report cited by PersonalMD website http://www.personalmd.com/news/n1129105640.shtml.

 Migraine personality” confirmed in China

 NEW YORK, Nov 26 — Some people with migraine really do have a “migraine personality,” according to doctors from the Peoples Republic of China.

Those people are more likely to be hypochondriacs, depressed, hysterical or schizophrenic, the researchers say in a recent issue of the journal Headache. Dr. Arthur Yin Fan, of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, and colleagues used a standard questionnaire to assess the personalities of 23 Chinese migraine patients before and after treatment. These subjects were compared with 30 healthy volunteers.

Before treatment, migraine patients had higher levels of hypochondria, depression, hysteria and schizophrenia than the healthy people, the Chinese doctors found.

After treatment, signs of hysteria and schizophrenia were remarkably reduced, the researchers note. But after treatment, some migraine patients were less able to “deal with stress and psychological pressure.” They were also more prone “to depression and pessimism, and extraordinary concern about their health.”

Fan’s group suggests that these characteristics could hinder migraine treatment in the long term. To counter this, they recommend that psychological treatment should be added to standard migraine management.

The concept of a “migraine personality” has been controversial among headache experts. Some experts point out that conditions such as hypochondria and depression may simply be the result of severe, chronic pain.

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