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Fan,Zheng,Yang-Evidence that dry needling the intention to practice acupuncture. JACM-2016 Last Version

Dry needling is a short form acupuncture, currently Physical Therapiests and other related professionals want to practice acupuncture under such a name with only 20-30 hours weekend training. This may cause big negative impact to public safety and acupuncture (both traditional and medical) profession.

We just published an article in a known SCI journal–Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (JACM),  which treated this article as a High Impact Article. Please read at(I also attached a copy of Manuscript):

Evidence That Dry Needling Is the Intent to Bypass Regulation to Practice Acupuncture in the United States
Arthur Yin Fan, Ling Zheng, Guanhu Yang  Read Now

Fan,Zheng,Yang-Evidence that dry needling the intention to practice acupuncture. JACM-2016 Last Version

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The Nation : Acupuncture in Nevada

Monday, Apr.23 ,1973

The Nevada state legislature last week became the first in the nation to declare traditional Chinese medicine “a learned profession.” By nearly unanimous vote, the lawmakers legalized acupuncture, herbal medicine and other Chinese practices. What sold them was neither Nixonian detente nor the thoughts of Mao, but a free Chinese clinic that, by special permission, was opened for three weeks across from the statehouse in Carson City.

Half of Nevada’s 60 lawmakers have put themselves under the needles of one Lok Yee-kung. There have been several claimed cures and even more conversions. Assemblyman Robert Hal Smith reported that his 20-year sinus condition disappeared after needles were stuck in his forehead and alongside his nose. Equally as gratifying to his wife, the treatment silenced his snoring. Another legislator said that he had been cured of the pain of a childhood knee injury, and a third claimed to have been relieved−though only temporarily−of a number of leg ailments. Scores of constituents begged their representatives to get appointments for them at the clinic. Said one legislator’s secretary: “It looked like a little Lourdes around here.”

Skeptics questioned the propriety of legislators accepting free treatment and noted that the clinic−and a hard lobbying effort for the legalization bill−had been organized by the so-called American Society of Acupuncture, a corporation that stands to earn pin money if Governor Mike O’Callaghan signs the bill. Justifying the freebie treatments, Senator William Raggio explained: “None of us knew much about this thing, and we supposed this was the best way to find out.” It is refreshing to know that even legislators in Nevada check the deck before dealing.






怀疑者质疑接受免费治疗的立法者,并指出,诊所和一个合法化的法案艰辛的游说努力,是由一个叫做美国针灸协会推动的,而这个公司能在州长Mike O’Callaghan签署法令后赚点零花钱。参议院William Raggio为这次免费义诊辩护说:“我们对这件事并没有了解那么多,但我们觉得这是最好的证明途径。”令人耳目一新的是,内华达州立法者在通过立法之前先以身试药。

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