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From: A…. C
Subject: gender prediction
To: ArthurFan@ChineseMedicineDoctor.us
Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 12:53 PM

Hi –

I just read your post on the internet regarding determining pregnancy thru pulse reading. My Acupuncturist recently told me the gender of my baby thru pulse reading (only 6 days after and IVF transfer). Is there any merit to this, and if so, how early can it be done? He mentioned about the left side stronger, and not detecting the babies female hormone in my body, therefore it must be a boy. There’s not much about it on the internet, but what I could find says that it can be about 80% accurate.

Thank you.


A reply from Dr. Arthur Fan

Hi, A….,

The pulse diagnosis should be one of testing methods, which gives a trend of something (just a potential) and need other tests to confirm it.

My main concern is in “modern days”, there are too much interfering stuff which could affect the pulse and make the pulse diagnosis inaccurate some time (I mean the “sham pulse”). For example, using too much of progesterone may cause the pulse bigger and slippery, some providers may think the woman may get pregnant.

For your case, the pulse could be affected by the hormone or drugs you used during IVF.

At this moment, only 6 days after the embryo transferred, it is a bit too soon to tell –is boy or girl.

Let say, 10 women got pregnant only for 6 days, if the provider says 10 all boys. At last, if at half (5 are boys, 5 are girls), or as you said 80% chance, say 8 are boys, 2 girls, then some women will treat the provider “magic”(if at last they get boys), and other will treat him “nonsense”(if get the girls).

I mean, we use the pulse diagnosis as one of testing methods, which give us some trends, not the last diagnosis. We must combine some other methods to make last diagnosis. I strongly against the way–only use pulse diagnosis to tell something.

I did see some patients had bad experience from our “colleagues”.

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