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by Acupuncturist Pro @ 2009-11-25 – 15:34:31

vulvodynia (vulval pain) known as vulvar vestibulitis, which, although it has made perhaps two brief forays into the media in that time, seems generally unknown except to those who suffer from it. Briefly, it has no known definite cause or cure and the symptoms are simply excruciating spots of soreness just inside the entrance to the vagina,vulvodynia was a relatively common condition that affects about 15% of the UK’s female population. The latest study, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, bolsters that idea.
Researchers found that of nearly 2,300 Michigan women they surveyed, just over eight percent had symptoms of vulvodynia — including pain near the opening of the vagina that had lasted for at least three months.

The prevalence of vulvodynia was similar across age groups, up to the age of 70, the study found. The decline after that age seemed to be related to a dip in women’s sexual activity.

The most common symptom of vulvodynia is pain during sexual intercourse, and the condition was first defined in 1880. It is not determined yet exactly what triggers vulvodynia, but a few theories have been tested and proven to be helpful in properly diagnosing the illness,Vulvodynia is especially difficult to diagnose because there are almost no physical signs of illness or infection and doctors have to rely on patients’ descriptions of the symptoms. vulvodynia is a common condition, but it is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.vulvodynia is difficult to diagnose. A diagnosis often occurs only after other conditions are excluded. “Vulvodynia is diagnosed when other causes of vulvar pain, such as yeast or bacterial infections, or skin diseases, are ruled out,” Veasley said. The tissue of the vulva region may appear swollen or inflamed, but more often than not, it looks normal.

The cause of essential vulvodynia is unknown. There is some evidence that damage to the nerves, particularly the pudendal nerve, supplying this area may play a role.

The prognosis without treatment or spontaneous remission may be for unceasing pain, leading to poor quality of life. Rarely, frequency of micturition (urination), stress incontinence, and chronic constipation may also develop.At present there is insufficient evidence to document any benefit from amitriptyline or pudendal nerve decompression for women with essential vulvodynia.

Zak acupuncture continues to push for resources and relief for women experiencing serious pain in the so-called V-spot — the vestibule where the vagina and vulva meet.An estimated 15 per cent of women have experienced the extreme sensitivity and burning related to vestibulodynia.

X, female, 55 years old, low back pain eight months, and there urgency, urethral pain, perineal pain, the clitoris pain, painful sexual intercourse. Clinical examination: straight-leg raising test, normal. Highly sensitive point in both side roots of the thigh, left was serious ,hip flexor knees at a consolidated trial, leads to the roots of the thigh pain, ulna pain, tenderness is extremely sensitive .diagnosis: the roots of bilateral thigh soft tissue damage, clitoris pain.
Treatment: zak acupuncture
Results: After a period of treatment, patient’s genital pain disappeared, the treatment of patients with satisfaction.

Vaginismus: A painful spasm and contraction of the muscles of the vagina that prevents sexual intercourse. The condition results in pain when vaginal sexual intercourse is attempted or, in some cases, during a pelvic examination by a health-care provider. Vaginismus is not common, and its cause is poorly understood. Anxiety, past sexual trauma, or other psychological conditions have been suggested as potential contributing factors. Vaginismus is considered to be a form of female sexual dysfunction. Treatment of vaginismus involves education, counseling, and the use of vaginal dilation exercises and acupuncture.


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