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Double Vision, or say diplopia, or ambiopia, is a common condition in eye problems. But the reason caused double vision may be very complicated. Some cases could be treated by operation, such as brain tumors, some cases could be treated by steroids. However, for some cases, sometime there is even no proper therapy in conventional medicine. Especially when the diagnosis is not so clear. Here we provide a case study for a patient who has double vision (the reason is not clear) and treated by Chinese medicine, i.e. acupuncture and Chinese herbal tea. The result is very impressive.

Patient. Ms. B.W., 42 years old.

First visit (12/05/2006): Main complain: Double vision 2 weeks.
Before the double vision onset, patient had headache and moderate fever (about 102 degree F). The double vision is only occure when patient abducts the eye to left or right side, esp. to right, the double vision even worse. PE: Movement of eyes were ok. Double vision only occured when eye abducts (cover one eye,and use another). No other abnormal in extremities, both in movement and sensation. Tongue: red at tip, coating thin white; Pulse string. Brain MRI didn’t find any abnormal. Patient’s eye doctor told her there is no any treatment for this condition. So patient came and try the Chinese medicine. Acupuncture twice a week and herbal tea 2 cups per day (formula omited here).

No.2 visit (12/08/2006):

No.3 visit (12/12/2006):

No.4 visit (12/14/2006): eye movement is more comfortable, and double vision less. Patient saw her eye doctor again, and the evaluation was improved, from point 12 to 8. Continue the treatments.

No.5 visit (12/19/2006):

No.6 visit (12/22/2006):

No.7 visit (01/03/2006):

No.8 visit (01/05/2007): Double vision is already disappeared in left eye, a slight in right eye when eye abducts to right side. Patient continues the acupuncture and herbal tea for another 4 weeks.


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