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Mr. D. N.,80 years old,  had a stroke in last November (year 2011), the stroke affected  function of his celebellum and stem.  The main problem is dizziness and hearing loss. He had ten acupuncture treatments and’several months physical therapies, did not feel significant improvement.

On August 21,2012, patient started to see me. When he came, he was very dizzy, even the position change, such as  lying down and/or sitting up, causing severe dizziness. He had to use a cane to help the balance, his daughter or son helps his walk too.  For his hearing loss, he said he could answer the phone only when the speaker is on; he could not hear the door-bell ringing and the touch-tone sound of the phone.

After our 4 acupuncture treatments, his dizziness decreased at least 50% and walking much better, faster and balance better,don’t need other to help him; and hearing better.

After 6 treatments, he could hear the door-bell ringing and touch-tone sound of the phone. Very happy and said at least 50% improving. Currently, he is still under extensive acupuncture treatments in our office.


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Glucoma is a common eye- problem, which induces headache, vision blurry and dizziness, etc. due to increase of inner eye pressure.

Recently, a 59 years old patient, Ms. S. C., saw Dr.Fan for such issue.  She had constant headache about one year. The eye doctor’s diagnosis is glucoma, she had two surgeries. After each surgery, her headache decreased significantly. However, the effectiveness doesn’t last very long.  Currently she takes Januvia, Verapamil, Baby Aspirin. She also has diabetes.

She feels frustrated, sometime vision lost-just half- vision, frequently dizziness, headache, very depressed.

After 4 sessions’ acupuncture, three packs herbs, she feels very comfortable. There were one day with no-headache, no-vision blurry, and no dizziness. On the average, she feels 80% better.

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