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During times like these I recall time spent with Dr. Su Shangyi, a TCM doctor (CMD) in Nanjing, China when I was an intern during 1985-1986.

Dr. Su was passed away in the late 1990s.

He was actually a very famous acupuncture doctor in 1950-1960s in China, when due to political reasons, he had to get “re-educated” in the countryside for a few years. After he came back to Nanjing, he was assigned to a local small hospital.  However, due to his skills, he got immediate respect from patients and doctors in other hospitals. His patients all belonged to hard-to- treat, many of them also in danger. I saw many infants from Nanjing Hospital for Children who were in critical condition, esp. who suffered from virus “Fall season diarrhea” , at the end stage-very dehydrated and often with circulation failure.  Dr. Su used quick acupuncture and acupressure, and sometime with herbal tea.  Dr. Su saved many of these patients.

Many patients came from very far away, such as northwestern of China.  Dr. Su was very famous in acupuncture treating vision loss due to optical nerve atrophy caused various reasons, such as MS (multiple sclerosis). Since I studied with him I not afraid to treat the patients who have critical conditions or intractable illnesses with acupuncture or Chinese herbal tea. At that time, I was about 22 years old. I graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in 1986.

In his office, about 400-500 sq ft, there were many “Thanks Flags” on the wall given by patients. During a 4 hour period he would see about 40-50 patients.

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