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Acupuncture for Facial Rashes

Acupuncture does not just have to be used for “rejuvenation” of the face; it is also extremely effective for when dermatological conditions crop up.

In this particular case, a woman changed her birth control medicine and noticed that she had intense redness crop up over her face. There did not seem to be any other changes in her diet or life-style that had changed.

The first set of photos is prior to the first treatment. Besides acupuncture, the patient was also put on the herbal formula Shuang Huang Lian.

The second set of photos is the patient after one treatment (which took place the day before).

Notice the dramatic change after just one treatment 24 hours ago!

First two photographs show patient at start of first acupuncture treatment to address the redness/rash. Please note that the patient gave the clinic explicit consent to post these pictures.

Second two photos are from today (4/25/18) after her one acupuncture treatment yesterday.






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