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There are NO direct answer.

The amount of deductible, copayment and co-insurance part are various very much, it depends on your specific plan.  So, you could call your insurance plan to find them acurately.  Of course, some insurance companies provide online check-up service, so you could see it online and print it.

Deductible is your self-pay part before your insurance starts to pay; Copayment is the part you pay each time at the provider’s office (such as $10-30) when you visit them; Co-insurance part is the percentage insurance set for your responsibility.

For exemple, if the patient has $400 at deductible part, $20 for copay and 20% for co-insurance, that means–when he or she starts to see an licensed acupuncturist (in-network), patient should pay $400 first before insurance could start to pay (the first evaluation and treatment, second treatment……untile meet $400 patient self-pay; but if the patient already saw another provider, met some portion of deductible, he or she will pay less than $400). In the first evaluation session, patient also needs to pay $20 copay, but not for treatments. When insurance starts to pay, patient also needs to pay the 20% part at the insurance fee schedule (not the provider charged amount).

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