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Clin Exp Hypertens. 2010;32(7):423-5. Epub 2010 Sep 9.

Cupping for hypertension: a systematic review.


Lee MS, Choi TY, Shin BC, Kim JI, Nam SS. Source Division of Standard Research, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Daejeon, South Korea. drmslee@gmail.com


The objective of this review is to assess the clinical evidence for or against cupping as a treatment for hypertension. We searched the literature using 15 databases from their inception to 30 June 2009, without language restrictions. We included all clinical trials (CTs) of cupping to treat hypertension in human patients. Risk of bias was assessed using the Cochrane criteria. Two CTs met all inclusion criteria. One RCT (randomized CT) assessed the effectiveness of dry cupping on changes in cerebral vascular function compared with drug therapy. Their results suggested significant effect in favor of cupping on vascular compliance and degree of vascular filling. One uncontrolled observational study (UOS) tested wet cupping for acute hypertension and found that a one-time treatment reduced blood pressure. In conclusion, the evidence is not significantly convincing to suggest cupping is effective for treating hypertension. Further research is required to investigate whether it generates any specific effects for that condition.

Dr.Arthur Fan’s view:

Cupping is an effective, safe and easy way to treat the hypertension, esp. for the satge one.  However, due to limited information, many people could not know this is an effective way to treat people’s hypertension. Investing for its scientific study is a little bit charllenge, because this study will not give the industry any benefit (for drug study may have a big “money return”.)

Patients could use cupping by themselve in home, once a day for two weeks, and take BP everyday, then could see how effective it is!

The mechanism of cupping, is adjusting the “Qi flow” (adjusting autonomic nervous system), activating the blood circulation(at least the microcirculation), then BP automatically back to normal.


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Dear Colleagues & Friends, 

As the golden weather of fall approaches us, I hope everyone is in good health and good spirits.

The Virginia Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (VITCM) will hold a special professional development activity (PDA) on Sunday, September 25, 2011.

Based on the current NCCAOM board requirements for certificate renewal every four years, there are a few new mandatory requirements: minimal 15 credits in Key knowledge of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, 4 credits in Safety/Ethics, 11 credits in adjunct therapies, as well as additional 30 credits in other scopes (see detail at http://www.nccaom.org/wp-content/uploads/pdf/2011%20Recertification%20Handbook.pdf, http://www.vitcm.org/?page_id=32). We applied 10 credits one day live presentation in field of Safety/Ethic and Adjunct therapies.

We invite you to participate this special PDA event, in this Seminar, you also have opportunity to watch a American documentary movie “9000 Needles”, which got a few international awards as the Best Documentary Movie.

Seminar time: 09/25/2011, 7:30AM to 5:30 PM.

Seminar address:  Potomac Community Center, 11315 Falls Road,Potomac, MD 20854 (only 20 minutes from Vienna/Falls Church); Tel: 240-777-6960.

Contact personDr. Arthur Fan,Cell:(703)499-4428.

Fee: $208 (please make check payable to VITCM), Lunch included.

Early registration before 09/15/2011: you could get 10% off (payment will be $188, please mail the check to VITCM, 8214 Old Courthouse Rd, Vienna, VA 22182). 


7:30AM: Registration

8:00AM-9:30AM: Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) and its medical application

By Eugene Zhang, CMD, PhD, LAc & Arthur Fan, CMD, PhD, LAc; Tai Ji Quan in the parking lot, however it may be canceled due to rain

9:30AM-1:30PM: Safety and Ethic in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Practice

Speaker:Lixing Lao,MD, PhD, LAc

Discussion: Arthur Fan, CMD, PhD, LAc

1:30 PM- 3:30PM: Scalp Acupuncture: Prof. Shi Xuemin experience in Neurological disorders

Movie “9000 NEEDLES,” By Arthur Fan, CMD, PhD, LAc;

3:30PM-5:30PM: Cupping, Guasha and Its clinical Applications with demonstration

By Quansheng Lu, CMD, PhD, LAc.


1. Lixing Lao, MD, PhD, LAc:Professor at the Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, international well-known scholar in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Former Chairman, Society of Acupuncture Research.

2. Eugene Zhang, CMD, PhD, LAc: Well-known scholar and doctor in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, former professor of Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese medicine (MITCM). Board member of CCAOM. An outstanding practitioner of Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) and Qi Gong.

3. Quasheng Lu, CMD, PhD, LAc: Well-known scholar and doctor in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, very skilled in the application of various TCM therapies.

4. Arthur Fan, CMD, PhD, LAc: Well-known scholar and doctor in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, director of Virginia Institute of Traditional Chinese medicine (VITCM). Also excellent practitioner of Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi), Qi Gong.

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