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题为“The National Cancer Institute’s Conference on Acupuncture for Symptom Management in Oncology: State of the Science, Evidence, and Research Gaps“(《美国国家癌症研究院召开的针灸治疗癌症症候专题会议共识:针灸的科学机制、临床研究证据以及进一步研究的展望》)的白皮书于本月在著名的《国家癌症研究院杂志》网上先期发表。


该专题会议是由美国国家癌症研究院替代医学办公室主管针灸的Farah Zia医生和Oluwadamilola Olaku医生等联合召集,于2016年6月16-17日在位于首都华盛顿近郊的国家卫生研究院会议中心召开的。会议邀请了美国、欧洲和中国的19位针灸与癌症临床与基础研究、方法学研究等方面的专家(强大阵容请看作者名单)探讨了针灸治疗多种癌症症候的临床研究现状、潜在机理以及研究方法学的正面与反面教训,以及研究的薄弱环节等诸多方面。全美中医药学会ATCMA副会长樊蓥博士也是上述与会作报告的学者之一。参与此项工作的还有我们群里比较熟悉的知名专家如劳力行博士和陆卫东博士等。其后召开了白皮书撰写会议。本次白皮书是经过1年多的撰写与修改才正式发表的,旨在“推动针灸研究向临床应用转化”,用简单明了的话来讲,就是意在以循证医学的证据、生物医学的语言向肿瘤科医生普及针灸治疗癌症相关症候的知识、促使针灸普遍应用于癌症治疗的临床,推动在各大医院建立肿瘤针灸科室、在院外建立针灸辅助治疗癌症的专科诊所。这是国家癌症研究院以一种特殊的形式推介针灸。

A meeting for drafting the White Paper on NCI consensus conference of Acupuncture & Cancer Symptom Management. From left to right: Helene Langevin, Weidong Lu, Libin Jia,Farah Zia,Oluwadamilola Olaku, Richard Niemzow, Claudia Witt, Jun Mao, Gary Deng, Shelly Wang, Ting Bao, Ann Berger, Lixing Lao. Some attendees not present in this photo. Photo provided by Arthur Yin Fan.




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Mr. S.B. , a 59 years old government officer who has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia(CLL) over two years. After our Chinese medicine treatment (acupuncture-once a week- plus herbal tea, 3 pack- herbs a week) for 8 months, his condition has been under the control and his blood count improved a lot.

He has no symptom, but his blood count has been abnormal for a few years (he has seen doctors in Georgetwon University Hospital for many years. He did not use chemotherapy for CLL yet).

His Complete Blood Counts as follow:

in 08/19/2009(one month before our treatment): WBC 14.9 (normal range: 4-10.8); Lymphocyte:10.30(normal range:0.6-4.9), 69.2%(normal range: 15-45%);

After our treatments:

01/20/2010(two months after our treatments): WBC: 10.90; Lymphocyte: 7.50, 69.1%;

07//28/2010(8 months after our treatments): WBC: 8.30 (within the normal range); Lymphocyte: 5.10(almost reach the normal range upper level), 61.6% (still in abnormal).

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Anemia is a common result of various cancers; it also could be seen after chemotherapies and other conventional therapies.

Many cancer patients seek acupuncture as a complementary therapy when they get conventional oncological therapies, such as various chemos, radiation, or surgical treatments.

We have several cancer patients who are being treated long-term using acupuncture.

One patient had very bad anemia, after 2 years of acupuncture treatments, her hemoglobin (Hb) improved from 5 (grams per deciliter) g/dl to 12.5 g/dl (recently). And her complexion improved a lot. [NOTE: You have anemia if your hemoglobin is lower than 13 g/dl in males, lower than 12 g/dl in women]

One patient under chemotherapy, his white blood count (WBC) dropped down to 1,500, after two session acupuncture in one week, before his MD considered using drug to stimulate blood production, his WBC already gotten up to 6,500. [NOTE: A normal WBC is in the range of 4,000 to 11,000 cells per microliter]

Our patients also told us after acupuncture treatments that their energy level goes up, they are more relax and happier, acupuncture eliminates some discomfort from other therapies, and it helps them tolerate more chemo and other strong treatments.


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In America, there are many cancer patients, as well as thousands of precancer patients. Chinese medicine is very helpful to treat these conditions. In our center, we use acupuncture, Chinese herbal pills/tea and Qigong to treat cancer/ tumor and pre-cancer conditions.

Recently, we have a good case in precancer treatment.

Ms. C.K. 32 years old.
Patienty was found precancer lesion at endometrical biopsy 9 month ago, she did 3 times biopsyes the trend seems worse and worse. Because there is no specific treatment in conventional medicine, patient see us for treatment in acupuncture and Chinese herbology. The comprehensive treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine thoery started from September 28, 2006. After 3 months, the biopsy showed some improvement. Up to April, 2007, patient’s new biopsy showed “normal”. She decides to continue another 3-6 months treatment, and will conduct additional 1-2 biopsy to confirm this result.

We used some acupoints which could adjust immune system and activate the local blood circulation; some special herbs which have anti-cancer activities proved by scientific studies and clinical trials.

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