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K. N. , an eleven years old boy, was recovered from his half year extreme fatigue, low fever which was from mono, last week.

Six month ago, he was very sick, the diagnosis was Mono, a virus illness, and had some treatments from his conventional medical doctor.  Since then, he always feels very tired, some time has fever.  He had extreme fatigue, had to sleep 12 to 18 hours a day, so he missed his school over one and half month.

When he came to see me, his face was pale, tongue and lips were very red, complexion very tired, and eyes showed no-spirit.  Pulse slight quick. Temperature 99.1 degree F.

We diagnosed him as blood- heat syndrome, used Chinese herbs and acupuncture to treat him.  In second day, he backed to school. Yesterday he had the third visit. His mom and he were very happy, everything is stable, no longer sleep so long hours, he said he has “too much energy” and only need sleep 7 to 8 hours.

Our experience is, the syndrome post mono, basically is extreme fatigue or low appetite, using acupuncture or Chinese medicine is very easy to get recover. This case is my no.4 case of Mono, all of these patients got recover in one or two weeks.

His brother J.N.  saw me for his chronic cough, due to allergy and asthma issue, after the first acupuncture treatment, his whistle sound in his lungs disappeared.



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My16-year-old son has had allergies to pollen for over 5 years. Every year, his symptoms got worse.  He had been treated by several doctors specialized in allergy and immunology. This year, my son was put on multiple medications including prednisone, allergra, zyrtec, Claritin, steroid inhalers, however he did not get a whole lot better. After 8 sessions of treatment by Dr. Fan(acupuncture), my son got almost 100% better. His coughing and nasal stuffiness almost completely gone. Dr. Fan has “miracle hands”. Dr. Fan is very personable and very kind to his patient. I plan to bring my other son, who has severe peanut allergy for many years, to see Dr. Fan.

Thanks a lot to Dr. Fan.


Dr. T.A. Chu

McLean, Virginia

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