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Anemia is a common result of various cancers; it also could be seen after chemotherapies and other conventional therapies.

Many cancer patients seek acupuncture as a complementary therapy when they get conventional oncological therapies, such as various chemos, radiation, or surgical treatments.

We have several cancer patients who are being treated long-term using acupuncture.

One patient had very bad anemia, after 2 years of acupuncture treatments, her hemoglobin (Hb) improved from 5 (grams per deciliter) g/dl to 12.5 g/dl (recently). And her complexion improved a lot. [NOTE: You have anemia if your hemoglobin is lower than 13 g/dl in males, lower than 12 g/dl in women]

One patient under chemotherapy, his white blood count (WBC) dropped down to 1,500, after two session acupuncture in one week, before his MD considered using drug to stimulate blood production, his WBC already gotten up to 6,500. [NOTE: A normal WBC is in the range of 4,000 to 11,000 cells per microliter]

Our patients also told us after acupuncture treatments that their energy level goes up, they are more relax and happier, acupuncture eliminates some discomfort from other therapies, and it helps them tolerate more chemo and other strong treatments.


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