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In early half month of the April, we got two “pregnant” news from our patients.  So, Dr.Fan has at least 47 success cases since Jan, 2007 ( during 53 months).

Some success cases  did not report to him, due to some patients got pregnant after the treatments period, they may think they got pregnant by themselves. For example, one patient said, she got pregnant one month after she terminated Dr. Fan’s treatment.  She said she is not sure–this pregnant relates to acupuncture or Chinese herb treatments.

Actually, the main purpose of Chinese medicine, included in acupuncture, is normalizing  patients’ own function (we call this Taoism focus), so after acupuncture or herbal tea/pills, the original abnormal has diminished, or corrected, patient could get pregnant in any coming month, this also depend on the date of intercourse, the male part, not only depend on female part.

Getting pregnant after acupuncture or Chinese herbal tea, such as during half year, if there is no other treatment, the pregnant should be considered– related to acupuncture or Chinese herbology treatments.

No.1 case is a 35 years old woman who had irregular period cycles, and had period flow spotting, after 3 month acupuncture (actually she did not follow a strict treatments plan, due to too busy), sometime with herbal tea, she report she has 45 days pregnant. Currently, she comes for morning sick treatments.

No.2 case is 37 years old patient. She came for activating her period. She had 3 irregular periods after she had stopped using birth control pills in last August. Then her period stopped for 4 month.  Before she saw me, she had blood test, it was sure she did not get pregnant.  She was very anxious and with other uncomfortable. I did a few acupuncture for her. Hope her period could come soon.  However, it does not.  Now her pregnancy test is positive and the ultrasound showed she has 6 week pregnant and has Twin babies.

So, in some rare condition, even the woman has no period for a long time, actually she may still have ovulation, and has chance to get pregnant!

The pregnancy test was negative, I think at that time, she did not get pregnant. After that, either by herself, or by acupuncture, etc, her got pregnant.


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We have many patients for fertility treatments. Among them, some patients have good periods, some irregular, some have no period at all. So, for those the period already stopped for a while, called “amenorrhea”, we need activate the period first, then adjust it, then may easier to get natural pregnant.

The day before yesterday, there was a patient who are 32 years old, whose period had stopped for one year and half due to using birth control pills, the period came after our acupuncture and herbal pill treatments, in one month.

Another patient, she is 39 years old, had one child a year ago, then period stopped. She has her period back after our one week treatments(two acupuncture and one week herbal tea).

In China, there were several scientific studies, which confirmed the results of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture–such treatments could adjust female hormones and help women regulate their periods and then help the pregnancy.

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