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Little Lady L got acupuncture today due to coughing caused by her allergy. (picture showing was permitted by her and her guardian).


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” I initially came to Dr.Fan for help with back pain. My L5 vertibrae is broken in two places and the disc is degenerating along with this, there is some arthritis there–I am 57 years old, so that’s not unexpected. Several months of acupuncture and herbal treatment have led me to be almost completely pain free.”

“While treating me for this, Dr. Fan also used acupuncture to treat my inhalant allergies and a long standing problem with fatigue–both of which have improved greatly.”

“At his repeated recommendation, I decided to try Tai Chi. I was absolutly stunned to find out how much energy I had from just doing a few basic moves.”

“After a lifetime of trying different exercise regimens, supplements, medications, and eating programs to overcome this fatigue problem of a lifetime. I just couldn’t believe what 5-10 minutes of Tai Chi did for me!!! I now have the most amazing amount of energy and I just generally feel better. I now do Tai Chi everyday–I wouldn’t miss it! Also, my back feels good. I was reluctant to try Tai Chi because I thought that moving around would mess up back and initially it did. But after a few weeks of doing it, I built up the core muscles enough to support the Tai Chi movements and now I find that it keeps back pain away!”

“Do Tai Chi!!!  Best advice I’ve ever been given!”

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My16-year-old son has had allergies to pollen for over 5 years. Every year, his symptoms got worse.  He had been treated by several doctors specialized in allergy and immunology. This year, my son was put on multiple medications including prednisone, allergra, zyrtec, Claritin, steroid inhalers, however he did not get a whole lot better. After 8 sessions of treatment by Dr. Fan(acupuncture), my son got almost 100% better. His coughing and nasal stuffiness almost completely gone. Dr. Fan has “miracle hands”. Dr. Fan is very personable and very kind to his patient. I plan to bring my other son, who has severe peanut allergy for many years, to see Dr. Fan.

Thanks a lot to Dr. Fan.


Dr. T.A. Chu

McLean, Virginia

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