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via Distribution of licensed acupuncturists and educational institutions in the United States at the start of 2018  

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We have a new published article: there are 50 days free access online, if you like to read the detail, you may click the link:



This study was conducted to identify the approximate number and density of actively licensed acupuncturists, as well as the number of schools in acupuncture and oriental medicine (AOM) by January 1, 2018 in the United States (U.S.). We contacted the appropriate department governing acupuncturists, such as the Board of Acupuncture or Board of Medicine, etc. in each state and U.S. territories, to collect the data. We also conducted online license information searches in order to collect the most accurate numbers of licensed acupuncturists, especially for those states in which a board could not be reached. We found that the number of actively licensed acupuncturists as of January 1, 2018 in the U.S. was 37,886. The ten states with the largest number of acupuncturists (28,452 or 75.09% of the U.S. total), in order by total, included California, New York, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts. The number of practitioners was greater than 1000 for each of these states. Among them, the largest three were California (12,135; 32.03%), New York (4438; 11.71%) and Florida (2705; 7.13%). These three states accounted for more than half of the overall total. The number of total licensed acupuncturists has increased 257% since 1998. The overall acupuncturist density in the U.S. – measured as number of acupuncturists per 100,000 – was 11.63 (total number of licensed acupuncturists: 37,886, divided by the total population: 325,719,178 at the start of 2018). There were 20 states with an acupuncturist density of more than 10 per 100,000 population. Hawaii (52.82) was the highest, followed by Oregon (34.88), Vermont (30.79), California (30.69) and then New Mexico (30.27). There were 62 active, accredited AOM schools which altogether offered 100 programs: 32 master degrees in Acupuncture, 53 master degrees in Oriental medicine, 13 postgraduate doctorate degrees and 2 entry-level doctorate degrees. Among these active accredited schools, institutions in the West and East Coast states comprised 77.42% of the national total. California, Florida, and New York represented 41.94%. There were 48 jurisdictions (47 States and the District of Columbia) with acupuncture practice laws in place. States without acupuncture laws included Alabama, Oklahoma and South Dakota. The data suggests that acupuncture profession has steadily grown in the United States.


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via How many acupuncturists in the United states (US) in the early of 2015 ?

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To date, there are 1,035 active acupuncturists in MD. Acupuncture Today indicated the members in Maryland is 752(72.6%). And currently VA active acupuncturists  about 485. In Acupuncture Today, is 352(72.6%).

Total acupuncturists in Acupuncture Today is about 25,000. So in 2014, actual active acupuncturists in USA should be 34,435.

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How many acupuncturists in United States?

According a survey taken by the California Acupuncture Board in 2003, these are the latest numbers available to us.

AK 52
AL *
AR 17
AZ 335
CA 7922
CO 826
CT 120
DC 157
DE *
FL 1357
GA 83
HI 507
IA 26
ID 125
IL 404
IN 100
KS *
KY *
LA 15
MA 1035
MD 750
ME 95
MI *
MN 222
MO 37
MS *
MT 123
NC 169
ND *
NE *
NH 72
NJ 328
NM 574
NV 38
NY 2089
OH 39
OK *
OR 528
PA 406
RI 108
SC 53
SD *
TN 32
TX 600
UT 67
VA 200
VT 108
WA 805
WI 166
WV 60
WY *

Total: 20,750

Since 2003, several states have succeeded in getting licensure laws enacted: Nebraska, Michigan, Alabama, maybe one other. States with * have no licensure law as of 2003.

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