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Someone wrote an article online, mentioned the first state had acupuncture legislation was California, actually this is a wrong information. The first state should be Nevada.  Maryland and Oregon were in the same year (1973) immediate after Nevada. Washington DC was in 1989. Virginia in 1993.

网上有人写文章,谈到美国第一个州通过针灸立法的是加利福尼亚,实际上有误。第一个通过针灸立法的应该是内华达,而马里兰和俄勒冈是同一年(1973年)通过立法的。华盛顿DC 是1989年,维吉尼亚则是1993年。

Below is a list from American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine(AAAOM).

State Legislative Initiatives: The first practice act legislation was enacted in 1973 in Nevada Maryland and Oregon. Today, 44 States (PDF), plus the District of Columbia have enacted practice acts.

1973-Maryland, Nevada & Oregon
1974-Hawaii, Montana, South Carolina
1975-Louisiana, New York(I think), and California
1978-Rhode Island
1981-Florida & New Mexico
1983-New Jersey & Utah
1985-Vermont, Washington
1986-Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
1989-Colorado, District of Columbia, Wisconsin
1991-New York(I think this should be the year for re-publishing the sate law)
1993-Iowa, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia
1995-Connecticut, Minnesota
1996-West Virginia
1997-Arkansas, Illinois, New Hampshire
1998-Arizona, Missouri
1999-Idaho, Indiana
2000-Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee
2005-South Carolina
2006-Kentucky, Michigan

2009 -Alabama


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