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Mr. A. A. 60 years old. He has diabetes and chronic stomach and intestine disorders.  He was my patient one year ago, he also loves Chinese Medicine and learnt a lot by teaching himself.   He uses accupressure and moxibustion in his home routinely.

Three weeks ago, when he ate his dinner, drunk a bit wine, he started hiccup. Since then, his hiccup didn’t stop, even he used accupressure, electronic acupuncture-like instrument stimulated his Nei Guan points by himself.  His symptoms were: hiccup once 5-10/seconds, with heartburn, urge to burp, uncomfortable, fullness in abdomen, insomnia, occasionally gas; middle and upper back pain, pain below right ribcage; when using electronic stimulator to stimulate Nei Guan points, the hiccup became low, once every 20 seconds.

Using holding breath, and find it does not work. Slowly drinking water may help to diminish the hiccup for about half hour.

Patient’s tongue coating slight yellow, and pulse slight slippery and wiry.

The diagnosis is middle burner qi deficiency and with heat and qi upset. The treatments:

(1) Electric Acupuncture: Zhong Kui(2), Nei Guan (2), He Gu (2);

(2) Chinese Herbal Tea: Ren Sheng 10g, Gua Lou Pi 10g, Zhu Ru 6g, Fa Ban Xia 10g, Chen Pi 6g, Fu Ling 10g, Zhi Ke 6g, Gan Cao 3g.


Immiated after acupuncture-10 minutes, the hiccup stopped, 1.5 days, after that, used one cup herbal tea, the hiccup stopped since then.

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