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Here I post a doctor’s suggestion to his patient. I feel he is correct.
“I was just thinking why you may not have
taken advantage of your consultation.

You’re probably like many others who
suffer from back pain, headache, neck pain,
soreness, or any type of physical ache or pain…
the pain comes and goes and now you’re feeling
pretty good…am I right?

Sometimes even our patients often feel
better after the first few treatments,
and although this may seem good, the opposite
can sometimes be true as well.

Patients often mistake this feeling for a total
cure of their condition. They simply do not
realize that a relief of the symptoms DOES
NOT indicate a correction of the condition.

The smart patients never discontinue treatment
before their actual complaint has been corrected,
and if they do so, further complications are
bound to develop.

Even if you feel better, get checked out.

Prevent future problems.

We’ll extend our offer for a consultation,
but you have to call our office .
We’re standing by to hear from you and hopefully
help you prevent future problems.”

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website: www.ChineseMedicineDoctor.US

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Online literature is very few in Chinese medicine treating Parkinson disease. We published two papers in this scope in Chinese language in 1990s.

After I settle down in America, I did not report my clinical experience in this field.

Recently, I have a successful case in Parkinson disease, using scalp acupuncture and traditional systemic acupuncture, as well as Chinese herbal tea, now patient recovered 70%.  He said he was embarrassed before, now he has confidence to see other people, because in most of time, he no longer shakes.



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Sept 5, 2007

I have found acupuncture treatments significantly helpful in reducing hyperextension of the knee so that walking is easier, with less up and down motion, less knee wobble, less ankle turning (rolling) and overall smoothed gait. I have been receiving treatments for about 4 months.

 G. S.

Woodbridge, Virginia

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