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Here I post a doctor’s suggestion to his patient. I feel he is correct.
“I was just thinking why you may not have
taken advantage of your consultation.

You’re probably like many others who
suffer from back pain, headache, neck pain,
soreness, or any type of physical ache or pain…
the pain comes and goes and now you’re feeling
pretty good…am I right?

Sometimes even our patients often feel
better after the first few treatments,
and although this may seem good, the opposite
can sometimes be true as well.

Patients often mistake this feeling for a total
cure of their condition. They simply do not
realize that a relief of the symptoms DOES
NOT indicate a correction of the condition.

The smart patients never discontinue treatment
before their actual complaint has been corrected,
and if they do so, further complications are
bound to develop.

Even if you feel better, get checked out.

Prevent future problems.

We’ll extend our offer for a consultation,
but you have to call our office .
We’re standing by to hear from you and hopefully
help you prevent future problems.”

My phone number: 703-499-4428;

website: www.ChineseMedicineDoctor.US

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Today, I got very excited when I saw my patient, who is semantic dementia, could nominate items immediate after today’s acupuncture. Acupuncture is a magic stuff sometime.

Mr. S.N., 69 years old. Local citizen. He was a senior economist with PhD degree in federal government.  Since 2001 (60 years old), he got dementia.  Basically, he could not nominate stuff, and could not understand other people’s ask.  For example, his roommate pointed the fruits and asked him to pick up apples, he may pick up bananas.   Because he could not understand the terms or names of stuff, his roommate avoid to say terms, just say “this”, or “that”.  After the problem occurred, during this nine years, patient visited many top neurologists in eastern coast, such as in NIH, etc., he was diagnosed as “semantic dementia”,”frontal,temporal dementia” with anomic aphasia.  MRI showed he has brain atrophy, esp. at frontal/temporal area.

Patient also has frequent headache, neck stiff or sore, easy to have anger,apathy, no empathy.

Patient had one year weekly acupuncture, and some Chinese herbal pills which were ordered online by his roommate who takes care of his daily living.  His roommate’s comment is: acupuncture did help patient’s overall health, but no any help with patient’s dementia.

Since the first visit on 01/13/2010, we have used scalp acupuncture to treat him.  Today is the no.12 session.  Before today’s session, we just see very little  improvement, such as, after we taught him for several times, patient might remember some stuff’s name, but forgot very soon. Headache also became very less severe and less often. Today, immediate after acupuncture, we asked him for some stuff’s name as we had done before.  Suddenly patient said “this is shirt”, “it is a pair of glasses”, “this is a horse” (in a picture).  He could nominate stuff!  I really got excited.  This is the first tim during nine years, patient could name something.

I really hope this effectiveness could be stable.  If so, acupuncture could be a useful tool for dementia patients’ recovering method.

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