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Many people called me and asked me -did you treat a pediatric patient?

Yes. I have 8% patients actually babies and kids.

The conditions include in: ADD, OCD, premature baby, coughing, asthma, allergies, GI issues, and various pain conditions, and concussion, migraine, seizure…… also help cancer kids during the chemotherapies.

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Here I post a doctor’s suggestion to his patient. I feel he is correct.
“I was just thinking why you may not have
taken advantage of your consultation.

You’re probably like many others who
suffer from back pain, headache, neck pain,
soreness, or any type of physical ache or pain…
the pain comes and goes and now you’re feeling
pretty good…am I right?

Sometimes even our patients often feel
better after the first few treatments,
and although this may seem good, the opposite
can sometimes be true as well.

Patients often mistake this feeling for a total
cure of their condition. They simply do not
realize that a relief of the symptoms DOES
NOT indicate a correction of the condition.

The smart patients never discontinue treatment
before their actual complaint has been corrected,
and if they do so, further complications are
bound to develop.

Even if you feel better, get checked out.

Prevent future problems.

We’ll extend our offer for a consultation,
but you have to call our office .
We’re standing by to hear from you and hopefully
help you prevent future problems.”

My phone number: 703-499-4428;

website: www.ChineseMedicineDoctor.US

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K. N. , an eleven years old boy, was recovered from his half year extreme fatigue, low fever which was from mono, last week.

Six month ago, he was very sick, the diagnosis was Mono, a virus illness, and had some treatments from his conventional medical doctor.  Since then, he always feels very tired, some time has fever.  He had extreme fatigue, had to sleep 12 to 18 hours a day, so he missed his school over one and half month.

When he came to see me, his face was pale, tongue and lips were very red, complexion very tired, and eyes showed no-spirit.  Pulse slight quick. Temperature 99.1 degree F.

We diagnosed him as blood- heat syndrome, used Chinese herbs and acupuncture to treat him.  In second day, he backed to school. Yesterday he had the third visit. His mom and he were very happy, everything is stable, no longer sleep so long hours, he said he has “too much energy” and only need sleep 7 to 8 hours.

Our experience is, the syndrome post mono, basically is extreme fatigue or low appetite, using acupuncture or Chinese medicine is very easy to get recover. This case is my no.4 case of Mono, all of these patients got recover in one or two weeks.

His brother J.N.  saw me for his chronic cough, due to allergy and asthma issue, after the first acupuncture treatment, his whistle sound in his lungs disappeared.



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This Testimony was provided by Patient Y. Q. M., Rockville, MD

Brain Injury

Almost two years ago, I tripped and hit my head while running. This resulted in a brain injury. The doctors & neurologists took many tests on my brain, but could not determine how to treat my constant pain, dizziness, & disorientation. My life changed & I was not able to think clearly, work, cook, drive or carry on daily activities & hobbies as my once busy life demanded. Worst of all, my brain could not function. It was as if information received from my senses of seeing, hearing, etc., would overload my brain, cause excruciating pain & force me to pass out for several hours, almost daily. After six months of doctor visits, tests, and no help, my neurologist recommended Dr. Arthur Yin Fan. He indicated that Dr. Fan had successfully treated patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & acupuncture when western medicine failed.

Dr. Arthur Yin Fan

My husband & I found Dr. Fan to be patient, understanding, kind & knowledgeable. He has a background in Eastern & Western medicine. He was recognized in China for his success in treating patients with difficult neurological problems. He was given government funding to establish a medical center so that he could teach other doctors his methods in treating patients. He also worked two years in a brain hospital & is familiar with many types of brain injuries that brain scans, MRIs, & other tests cannot detect. Dr. Fan met with me, reviewed the tests & immediately knew how to treat me.

Treatment: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Acupuncture

We began a program of TCM & acupuncture. Dr. Fan is an expert in the medicinal effects of Chinese herbs & foods. In addition to daily drinking the medicinal herbal tea he prepared for me, he also recommended eating certain foods & avoiding others. I followed all of his advice. After several weeks the pain lessened. As more time passed, I was able to think clearer. My speech was not as affected & now I can speak normally. I could walk in a straight line. The dizziness & disorientation lessened. As more time passed, I could read & spend short periods of time on the telephone & computer. I can now also listen to music without it causing pain. Initially, I was passing out for several hours almost daily. Now, this rarely happens.

I still have symptoms of the brain injury, but all to a much lesser degree. In order to understand & better treat me, Dr. Fan recommended that I maintain a daily log of my brain’s condition. Each day pain is given a value of zero to ten. Zero being no pain; ten being the worst pain I have experienced. I also record the duration of the pain. At the end of each day, the pain value was multiplied by the hours of duration. The result is a pain index. At the end of each week, the seven pain indexes are totaled. I share this with Dr. Fan & he adjusts my Chinese medicine accordingly. My husband put my log in an excel spread sheet that is below (the headache index has been decreased from about 400 to lower than 150). This shows how my pain levels have lessened overtime. I look forward to a full recovery. [Dr.Fan’s notes on Oct.4, 2006: currently patien’s headache index is about 17 per week, that means patient almost has no headache, according to her latest visit and e-mail].


I also had other health problems that were minor in comparison to my brain injury & discussed these with Dr. Fan. I have suffered with asthma since childhood. Each summer I used daily steroid inhalers to try to prevent or treat the asthma attacks. Without the inhalers, asthma attacks were a daily occurrence. Dr. Fan adjusted my Chinese herbal medicine & I have not had an asthma attack since that. I feel as if I have a new life without asthma. Steroid medications can have long-term negative impact on the body & reduce a person’s immune functions. Ridding me of asthma & the inhalers has multiple positive benefits for my health.

Carpal Tunnel

I also suffered from the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome. Every hand movement was painful. I was tested by a specialist & the doctor indicated that there was no cure for carpel tunnel other than surgery. Yet, he could not guarantee that surgery would stop the pain & return mobility to my hands. He recommended that I try to wear wrist & hand braces to prevent further damage. Since I was already undergoing acupuncture treatments with Dr. Fan, I asked him if this could help relieve the pain. He treated my wrists & in three sessions, my wrists were free of pain & my mobility was restored.

Polymorphous Lighteruptus

Long before my brain injury, doctors at George Washington University Hospital tested & diagnosed me as having polymorphous lighteruptus, a condition that causes a severe, itchy rash whenever I am exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. I saw many doctors over the years, hoping that a cure was discovered, but I was always told the same thing. There is no cure for polymorphous lighteruptus. They advised me to stay indoors as much as possible & avoid the sun. For years I?ve been living in shadows, under umbrellas, & always wearing long sleeves & pants when venturing out. Sun blocks have no effect. Dr. Fan recently began treating me for this condition. He successfully addressed my other health problems & I look forward to someday being free to enjoy outdoor activities.

Treating the Entire Person

In addition to TCM & acupuncture, Dr. Fan recognized that I needed to address my brain injury in other ways in order to recover. One way was to calm down my personality. Having a Type A personality, I at first had a difficult time doing this. I was always active, restless, impatient, wanting to do more with less time & always living a stressed life. Dr. Fan indicated that I have a choice on how I respond to every day life. I now consciously choose to respond to life?s challenges in a calmer way. Thus, I have learned to calm down my personality. Dr. Fan encouraged me to also try Chi Kung & Tai Chi. Both of these gentle, meditative, energy-building martial arts helped to calm my brain & personality. This has had a tremendous effect on my life. Small things no longer bother me & I am much happier. I am grateful to Dr. Fan for advising me in this way.

Recommended by Other Physicians

My primary care physician is an excellent western doctor. She is so impressed with my health improvements for conditions that were seemingly not curable, that she inquired if she could recommend other patients to Dr. Fan. I also learned that other doctors who cannot help their patients send them to Dr. Fan as well.

My husband & I agree that we are most fortunate to have Dr. Fan as our physician.

Rockville, MD

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