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From: A…. C
Subject: gender prediction
To: ArthurFan@ChineseMedicineDoctor.us
Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 12:53 PM

Hi –

I just read your post on the internet regarding determining pregnancy thru pulse reading. My Acupuncturist recently told me the gender of my baby thru pulse reading (only 6 days after and IVF transfer). Is there any merit to this, and if so, how early can it be done? He mentioned about the left side stronger, and not detecting the babies female hormone in my body, therefore it must be a boy. There’s not much about it on the internet, but what I could find says that it can be about 80% accurate.

Thank you.


A reply from Dr. Arthur Fan

Hi, A….,

The pulse diagnosis should be one of testing methods, which gives a trend of something (just a potential) and need other tests to confirm it.

My main concern is in “modern days”, there are too much interfering stuff which could affect the pulse and make the pulse diagnosis inaccurate some time (I mean the “sham pulse”). For example, using too much of progesterone may cause the pulse bigger and slippery, some providers may think the woman may get pregnant.

For your case, the pulse could be affected by the hormone or drugs you used during IVF.

At this moment, only 6 days after the embryo transferred, it is a bit too soon to tell –is boy or girl.

Let say, 10 women got pregnant only for 6 days, if the provider says 10 all boys. At last, if at half (5 are boys, 5 are girls), or as you said 80% chance, say 8 are boys, 2 girls, then some women will treat the provider “magic”(if at last they get boys), and other will treat him “nonsense”(if get the girls).

I mean, we use the pulse diagnosis as one of testing methods, which give us some trends, not the last diagnosis. We must combine some other methods to make last diagnosis. I strongly against the way–only use pulse diagnosis to tell something.

I did see some patients had bad experience from our “colleagues”.

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“Dr.Arthur Fan, Could You Tell Me by Taking My Pulse–If I Already got Pregnant?”

Many patients or friends of mine have asked me such a question,my answer is “NO!”


Maybe, a little bit?

Some Chinese Medicine doctors/practitioners may tell their patients–they could tell if the female gets pregnant or not–by Taking patient’s pulse only.  To the patients or people who don’t know Chinese medicine, it seems really very magic! And this may attract some patients to see such providers.

However, I have to tell you the truth–We COULD NOT tell you if the woman already got pregnant or not, only according to the Pulse diagnosis. 

The condition is very complicated.

Indeed, when a woman gets pregnant, her pulse should be stronger and bigger than before, we call this style pulse is “slippery Pulse”(Hua Mai).

But, if a female has slippery Pulse, we could not say–“it is sure you got pregnant”. The slippery pulse only reflects that the body’s Yang Qi is over strong or at moving.

When a female gets pregnant, her Yang Qi is stronger and stronger day after day due to her hormone changes during the pregnancy, such as HCG’s increasing significantly over the time.

However, when a female does not have pregnancy, such as getting her period, or getting ovulation, or she just had a sex, or just after an exercise; sometime, we also could find she has a slippery Pulse (or similar pulse)!

When a female takes some special medications/drugs, her pulse also becomes slippery!!  For example, using prednisone or Progesterone.

When a female has hypertension, or headache, her pulse may become slippery too!!!

Only, when a female during her good age for pregnant (between her first menses to menopause), had sex with male (or IUI,IVF), then her period stopped over one week, her pulse becomes slippery, we could say this female has a bigger possibility–she may get pregnant. 

However, the golden criterion is her HCG hormone significantly increasing, not the Slippery pulse.

So, if a provider tell you–“you get pregnant”–only after pulse taking and did not ask you the period condition, medication and other related issues, you should question him/her–“Did you had good training in Chinese gynaecology?”

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Chinese medicine doctors and many acupuncturists focus on the patient’s constitution when they conduct a diagnosis, for example, taking pulse, looking the tongue, etc.

However, nowadays, patients may use a lot of medications, Vitamins or other supplements in their daily life.  So, the problems or illnesses / disorders that we face every day may no longer be from the original physical or mental problem alone, but may be caused, or at least affected, by the chemicals patient uses.  When we conduct the diagnosis procedure, we should remember to ask –”Is there anything you take for your health issue or just for daily wellness?”

Recently I met a patient who had an abnormal taste sensation for over 2 months.  I asked him many questions but there were no clues related to his condition.  The cranial nerves examination basically is fine, except the taste part.

At last I asked him, “Do you use any medications?”  He said, “No, I am basically very healthy, I also don’t like to take medications”. After a while, he added ” I did use one medication called OMEPRAZOLE CAPSULES, for about a half-year. I have stopped using that for over 20 days, even though my family doctor had asked me use it for one year to help a gastric ulcer.”  This patient already saw two conventional medical doctors and they could not figure out why he had abnormal taste sensation.

The problem is OMEPRAZOLE could induce abnormal taste sensation. I really don’t know if this abnormal taste sensation is recoverable or not at this moment. Since the patient’s tongue had a red-color and with yellow coating, I gave him some herbal tea which is clearing the “gastric heat”.

Another patient had strong case of morning sickness. Her symptoms stopped when she stopped using a special brand of Vitamin Compounds for early stage of pregnancy. So, sometime Vitamins may also causes such problems.

I also aware of other patients also have some interesting sign changes when they use some medications. For example, when using progesterone, the patient’s pulse is a little bit slippery and patient may feel much warm / hot than before , and it is easy to get a yeast infection (if using progesterone vaginal cream).  If using prednisone/cortisone the patient may also show some extent of heat or damp-heat syndromes.

If using anti-hypertension medications, the patient may also have some changes depending on which type of medication patient uses. For example, if the medication acts on dialect the arteries, patient’s pulse may become larger and soft-slippery, instead of string and slippery. Some patients using certain brand of anti-hypertension drugs may look pale, other may look red (basically feel tired than before), depending on drugs’ action.

Many medications could change patient’s vital signs of pulse, tongue, etc. may also cause some symptoms or induce disorders.  So, many conditions, we treat every day, also may be related to the side/adverse effect of medications, etc.

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The Pulse diagnosis is one of main methods in Chinese Medicine. Traditionally, the evaluation impression could be reached after using any of four styles of diagnostic methods. So, the patient’s pulse is important in this style of medicine.

Traditionally, the doctor considers that the pulse reflects patient’s constitution and the patient’s illness change.  However, it may be affected by many other conditions, such as exercise and medications.

Herbal medicine could affect patient’s pulse in some extents, for example, qi-improving herbs may cause the pulse stronger. Even more, if the patient takes too much of qi-improving herbs, the pulse may become slippery or overstrong (there are over 25 definition of pulses – e.g., slow and fast, deep and floating, slippery, wiry, and fine).

Medications may affect the patient’s pulse very much, for example if the patient uses Progesterone, the pulse is slippery and like she is already pregnant.

The beta-blocker could decrease the pulse rate and force, so the pulse may be weak and slower than should be. The anti-hypertension drugs also affect patient pulse depending on specific style of action.

Some medications may indirectly affect the pulse. For example, some antibiotics may hurt patient’s stomach, causing gastritis and pain, which may cause the patient to have a string pulse.


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